Saturday, November 17, 2012

Electric Shock Collar 1 or 2 Dog's

   Can't get your dog to stop barking? Here's an easy immediate fix for that proplem pooch. Last year my girlfriend and I got a Chocolate Lab that was 9 month's old. Unfortunately the dog would bark all night long and absolutely refused to behave. We tried an ultrasonic noise maker, conventional reward training, even a bark collar. Nothing worked as a matter of fact the ultrasonic noise maker and the bark collar actually made it worse. Finally we broke down and purchased this electric shock collar, we couldn't have dreamed it would work as well as it does. Most of the time I don't even have to shock him, the collar has a vibrate setting that snap's him right out of his craxy barking tantrum's. The collar is water resistant and is equiped with 100 level's of shock and vibration. I went with this collar because the remote and the collar can be recharged by plugging it in the wall! That's right no worrying about replacing batteries just have to plug it in once in a while. Fully charged it tend's to last about 3 day's without charging. This does not hurt the dog most of the time I can actually just show him the remote and he stop's doing whatever he was doing and behave's. I even tested it on my finger before putting it on my dog the shock is more of a wakeup than it is painful. Just click on the link below for more information. Also make sure to check the prices on your other pet supply or household need's, I've found the absolute best price's on all my pet supplies here and would never shop at a pet supply store again...

Electric shock training collar for that out of control pup. Setting include shock, vibrate, and beeping. Adjustable for 100 level's of shock and vibrate.

Rechargeable Remote 2 Dog Training Shock Collar With Individual Vibration For Each Dog


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